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PostgreSQL Conference 2007 - Friday meetup

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 1 month ago

PostgreSQL Conference Fall 2007 - Friday Meetup


password to edit is: PDXugs





Paddy's - 65 SW Yamhill Street (right off the max! excellent scotch selection)

Reservation is under: Davis








Put your name below if you'll be there.

password to edit is: PDXugs


  • Rod Anderson
  • Darcy Buskermolen (though probabbly not untill closer to 9)
  • Neil Conway (... although I may be slightly late)
  • Jeff Davis
  • Selena Deckelmann
  • Brian Dorsey
  • David Fetter
  • Devrim Gunduz (same)
  • Bart Massey (likely)
  • Randal Schwartz (likely)
  • gabrielle (Side Door!)
  • Mark Wong
  • Andrew Dunstan & Melanie Lane
  • Scott Ribe (so how does a stranger from out of town find you guys???)


Looks for a girl with bright red hair, that's Selena!


And perhaps also should remember what time zone his watch is set for, and not show up an hour early. Well, at least I know how to get there ;-)

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